Dr. Raikin Comments on the Dangers of Wearing High Heels on CBS 3

New research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology reveals that the tendon and muscle distortion caused by high heels lasts even after switching to flats or bare feet. Further, high heels can cause permanent damage by shortening the calf muscle.

Dr. Steven Raikin of the Rothman Institute at Jefferson comments on this research in a CBS 3 interview, “When your foot is pointing down, your Achilles tendon has no tension on it, so within a few minutes a tendon starts tightening up more and more. You take the high heel shoe off and the tendon is still tight.”

Dr. Raikin recommends a runner’s stretch, with toes turned in slightly, to help women avoid permanent damage.

Read the full story “Health Watch: High Heel Danger” on CBSPhilly.com.

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