Share Your “I Can” Story on Beating Cancer

Larry Crawford never gave up hope as he fought liver cancer.

Even after his prospects for a liver transplant fell through and the Maryland resident was given just six months to live, the former combat pilot didn’t give up. That’s when he found the multidisciplinary team of liver surgeons, hepatologists, oncologists, and other specialists at Jefferson’s Liver Tumor Center and the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson.

“That was the first ray of hope that there might be a chance that we could beat this,” he says.

After treatments successfully shrank the tumor, Larry was listed for a liver transplant in December 2008. Six months and three potential livers later, Larry received a donor liver in a successful 15-hour operation.

“From before I got my transplant in 2009 to today … Jefferson’s great people and even greater optimism have always been there for me,” Larry says. “As I tell people, there’s no one I’d rather have had on this mission.”

Everyone diagnosed with cancer faces a daunting often unsure path. Often in the midst of each individual journey to overcome cancer, powerful and inspiring stories like Larry’s emerge.

Stories from survivors such as Nancy G. who overcame lung cancer with the thoracic oncology team at Jefferson and Sal V. who beat pancreatic cancer with Jefferson’s specialists in pancreatic and related cancers have helped others confronting cancer.

If you’ve faced cancer with Jefferson’s team of specialists, we want to hear from you.

Go to to share your story and read the inspiring stories of other survivors.

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