Dr. Dumont Quoted in Washington Post Article Regarding Hillary Clinton’s Blood Clot

JHN at Night 500x350Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently suffered a blood clot inside her skull. The clot was discovered during a routine MRI while she was recovering from a fall and concussion. Also referred to as cerebral venous thrombosis, this condition is very rare, occurring in about four in every one million adults per year.

In an interview with the Washington PostDr. Aaron Dumont, director of the Division of Neurovascular and Endovascular Surgery at Jefferson, comments that head trauma can cause blood in a venous sinus to clot, but it almost always has to be severe enough to cause a skull fracture. He adds that in this case, “It’s probably a coincidence,” however, her history of a blood clot in the leg may indicate a predisposition to clotting.

Read the full “Hillary Clinton’s blood clot in her skull, doctors say” article.

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