Dr. Pribitkin On Taste and Smell

Edmund Pribitkin, MD

Edmund Pribitkin, MD

It is common for people to find that their food tastes increasingly bland as they age. While they often blame their taste buds, researchers have found that it is really their sense of smell that is responsible.

Edmund Pribitkin, MD, in the Department of Otolaryngology at Jefferson, tells CBS This Morning reporter that our sense of flavor is mediated by our sense of smell. The ability to smell suffers with age as the receptors in the nose are damaged through illness and everyday use.

Dr. Pribitkin helps patients, like 62-year-old Arthur Rosenthal, teach their brains how to smell again. He recommends that patients take time each day to focus on specific scents. He tells Mr. Rosenthal to focus on cologne, coffee and garlic. By interacting with these odors in specific ways, he is working on regenerating  some of the neurons that are required to smell and taste flavor.

To see the full interview, click here: “Smell heightens experience of flavor in food, researchers say.”


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