Hand Surgeon’s Commitment to Global Health Recognized

Orthopedic Surgeon Randall Culp, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon
Randall Culp, MD

Randall Culp, MD, a Jefferson orthopedic hand surgeon was recently recognized with the Golden Apple Award from Health Volunteers Overseas for his work in the Honduras Hand Surgery program.

Dr Culp of the Philadelphia Hand Center at Jefferson volunteered his time and expertise on regular visits to the Central American nation where he performs surgeries and shares surgical techniques with surgeons there.

The Golden Apple Award is given annually to those who personify and have contributed extraordinarily to Health Volunteers Oversees commitment to curriculum development, teacher training, clinical training, or the enhancement of educational resources.

“By highlighting the accomplishments of volunteers like Dr. Culp, we hope to raise awareness of global health issues and encourage others to work towards better health care around the world,” said Nancy Kelly, the group’s executive director.

Health Volunteers Oversees is a network of health care professionals, organizations, corporations and donors united in a common commitment to improving global health through education.  Dr. Culp has been a volunteer with the organization for many years.

Ortho-HandThe learning and collaboration Dr. Culp has fostered among students and professionals across cultures have earned him an honorary professorship at the Hospital Escuela, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He has also secured donations of needed medical supplies and operative equipment for the program in Honduras, and has helped raise funds so that his team members are able to participate at little personal cost.

Dr. Culp’s missions include a team of medical students from Jefferson Medical College, fellows, assistants and hand therapists, allowing him to see as many patients as possible and providing the opportunity for Honduran medical personnel to learn from those with different backgrounds, expertise and talents.

“This is an incredible honor and strengthens my commitment to educating the people of Honduras and those around the world to make optimal health care available to all patients,” says Dr. Culp.

Congratulations, Dr. Culp.

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