Study: Treating Sleep Apnea Reduces Migraines

CPAP femail 584x342 iStock_000015335767SmallIf you suffer from migraine headaches and have obstructive sleep apnea, a small German study has potentially good news.

According to the researchers, who presented the results of their study at the 23rd Meeting of the European Neurological Society, one in four patients with sleep apnea have migraines headaches. The researchers found that treating sleep apnea with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) decreases the frequency of migraines.

Moreover, those study participants who used CPAP experienced shorter and less intense migraines when they did occur.

Medscape News reported that Hildegard Hidalgo, MD, who presented the study at the conference, said CPAP was an effective therapy for patients with both sleep apnea and migraine headaches. “It improved nocturnal oxygen saturation, stabilized sleep, and increased slow wave sleep as a proportion of total sleep time,” Medscape reported.

Sleep Apnea Treatment at Jefferson

The Jefferson Sleep Disorders Center, accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, provides clinical, research and educational services for the diagnosis and treatment of nearly 100 sleep disorders, including sleep apnea.

Continuous positive airway pressure, known as CPAP, is the gold standard treatment for sleep apnea. CPAP machines work by forcing air through the airway passage at a pressure high enough to prevent apneas.

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