Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery Featured

Parkinsons 3 584x342But after more than a decade dealing with Parkinson’s disease, the 56-year-old Brooklyn, NY native who spent time as a New York City cop, martial arts instructor, and security for Jefferson in Philadelphia for years, the daily medications were taking a toll.

So, he opted for surgical intervention, deep brain stimulation. Jefferson neurosurgeon Ashwini Sharan, MD, would implant a device in Mr. Acosta’s brain to deliver an electrical charge to control the shaking of his Parkinson’s.

In order to correctly position the stimulator, Mr. Acosta was awake during much of the procedure. Learn more about this advanced brain surgery which took place at Jefferson Hospital of Neuroscience.

An article on deep brain stimulation and Mr. Acosta’s surgery was recently featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer. To learn more read the article here and check out the video below.

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