Epilepsy Can’t Bench Football Coach

Neurologist Scott Mintzer, MD

Dr. Mintzer

University of Minnesota football coach Jerry Kill recently decided to step away from coaching to treat his epilepsy. Since 2011, he has suffered four seizures, raising concerns in some quarters that the stress of his career was harming his health.

Jefferson neurologist Scott Mintzer, MD, disagrees.

“People who have seizures are capable of working just as well as anybody else during the time that they’re not having seizures,” explained Dr. Mintzer in a recent Philadelphia Inquirer article.

Although epilepsy can be related to a brain injury or a family disorder, the cause is widely unknown. Dr. Mintzer explained that stress can make things more difficult, but seizures occur because of the disease not stress.

Although coach Kill has taken some time away from his career to focus on his health, he is still regularly attending meetings, practices and games.

Dr. Mintzer applauded coach Kill, calling him a “fantastic role model for people with chronic illnesses.”

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