Jefferson is Designated an Aetna Institute of Excellence for Select Transplant Services

Dr. Doria performing surgery

Dr. Doria in surgery

Jefferson University Hospital has been designated an Aetna Institute of Excellence™ for Select Transplant Services.

The designation means that Jefferson has been “recognized for its unique expertise in consistently delivering evidence-based quality care” in services related to adult bone marrow, liver, and kidney transplantation.

Congratulations to the transplant teams!

Only hospitals that have met extensive quality and cost-effective criteria have been selected by Aetna to participate in its Institutes of Excellence Transplant Network for solid organ transplants and bone marrow transplants. Aetna’s National Medical Excellence Program coordinates care and provides access to covered transplant treatment through the national Institutes of Excellence™ network.

Aetna makes information about the quality and cost of healthcare services available to its members to help them make informed decisions about their healthcare needs. In line with this goal, Aetna recognizes hospitals and facilities, in its network, that offer specialized clinical services for certain health conditions. Facilities are selected for their unique expertise in consistently delivering evidence-based, safe care.

Jefferson has a history of innovation in transplant surgery and pioneered successful kidney and liver transplantation in the Philadelphia region. Jefferson’s Liver Transplant Program is the Delaware Valley’s longest-running program and celebrates more than 25 years of excellence.

Jefferson’s Division of Transplant Surgery has highly experienced physicians, nurses, counselors, and surgeons that work with patients, and their families, to determine if they are candidates for transplantation, and follow them through post-op care to ensure the transplanted organ is functioning properly.

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