Does Vitamin A Offer a Fix in Breast Cancer?

Sandra Fernandez PhD

Sandra V. Fernandez, PhD

We all know eating healthy benefits the body in more ways than one. But does your food have the ability to turn back the clock on breast cancer?

CLTV and WGN-TV in Chicago recently reported on new research from Jefferson examining the impact of Vitamin A on breast cancer.

Cancer researcher Sandra V. Fernandez, PhD, Assistant Research Professor and her team at Jefferson’s Kimmel Cancer Center recently reported in the International Journal of Oncology that pre-cancerous breast cells respond to a specific concentration of retinoic acid, derivative of vitamin A commonly found in sweet potatoes and carrots. However, only the pre-cancerous cells, not those that were full-blown cancer – were turned back to normal healthy breast cells.

“We were able to see this effect of retinoic acid because we were looking at four distinct stages of breast cancer,” says Dr. Fernandez. “It will be interesting to see if these results can be applied to patients.”

Read more about the study here.

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