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Dr. Andrew Newberg

Dr. Andrew Newberg

Whether you practice meditation or participate in prayer, having a spiritual connection can be beneficial to your body and your mind. Research is showing that practicing spirituality helps you to heal faster, stay healthier and be well.

Andrew Newberg, MD, of the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine was recently featured in Day Spa Magazine about the connection between spirituality and health.

“Because people adopt such a wide variety of spiritual practices, it’s no surprise that such practices pertain to different parts of the brain,” Dr. Newberg told the magazine. “For instance, someone whose practice is centered on feelings of love will be affected in the emotional part of the brain.”

Dr. Newberg also explained that research suggests that practicing spirituality can lower stress levels, anxiety and depression, which in turn can lower heart rate and blood pressure.

“There can be a release of endorphins or dopamine,” he said.

People who consider themselves spiritual tend to be more optimistic about their health and recovery, which can offer positive outcomes.

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