Could Coffee Protect Your Liver?

Study finds that Coffee consumption reduces the risk of liver cancer 40 percentCould those morning cups of coffee you are drinking protect your liver?

A recent study published online in the journal Hepatology suggests drinking two or more cups of coffee a day reduced the risk of death from non-hepatitis liver cirrhosis.

“Compared to non-drinkers, daily alcohol drinkers had a strong dose-dependent positive association between amount of alcohol and risk of cirrhosis mortality,” wrote the researchers from Singapore and Pittsburgh.

The researchers followed more than 63,275 middle-aged adults from Singapore for nearly 15 years and used in-person interviews and reviews of medical histories for the study.

The researchers concluded: “This study demonstrates the protective effect of coffee on non-viral hepatitis related cirrhosis mortality, and provides further impetus to evaluate coffee as a potential therapeutic agent in patients with cirrhosis.”

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