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Nate C.

Colon Cancer Struck Nate in His 80s

By almost any standard, Nate C. was in fantastic shape for an octogenarian last spring. He had chronic anemia that was being treated, but otherwise the South Jersey retired music promoter had no complaints. He was physically fit, with minor blood pressure issues and a heart valve murmur that his cardiologist was watching. So it was a more »

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Kristine and family

Mother of Three Young Children Fights Colon Cancer

Kristine is just 38 years old. She’s a wife. She’s the mother of three young children aged 8, 5 and 2. She is young, active and attractive. And Kristine has colorectal cancer. Like three in four people who develop colon and rectal cancer, there was no family history that would suggest she would be prone more »

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